LA JUNTA, CO, July 15, 2014 –Whether it’s severe weather on the Southeastern Colorado plains, power brownouts on the grid, or just human error or hackers, the loss of data can have a disruptive and crippling effect on business, even in Southeastern Colorado.

Now SECOM, a leading communications network provider in Southeastern Colorado, has developed a seamless storage solution for its metro and rural customers.

SECOM is partnering with Littleton, CO based CLOUDBACKERS which will provide SECOM customers backup and disaster recovery solutions offered by CrashPlan and Duracell in addition to enterprise level solutions from a variety of established Cloud Providers.

SECOM will leverage its extensive fiber network, disruptive technology and compelling pricing to provide the bandwidth and low latency required to support the new services introduced provided by CLOUDBACKERS.

“We at SECOM are excited to deliver this type of quality data backup and recovery service to our SECOM customers,” said Jon Saunders, General Manager at SECOM. “ We’ve made it SECOM’s mission to offer a wide range of sensible, scalable business solutions to meet all of their customers’ communications needs, and CLOUDBACKER’s approach will provide our customers with security and peace of mind at affordable price points.”

Consumer grade off-the-shelf data backup technology offers limited protection and can put valuable company and sensitive client information at risk.  A recent study by Compass Partners* found that many businesses are not prepared to protect their data, and, that during a one year period, 30 percent of companies suffered a hard drive crash, and in 70 percent of those situations, the data was not fully recovered.

“Protecting data isn’t as simple as plugging in an external hard drive or tape drive because an on-site storage backup drive isn’t much use if it’s damaged, compromised or someone forgets to back it up, ” said Duane Button, Founding Partner of CLOUDBACKERS. “Our cloud based solutions continuously back up and secure clients’ data and SECOM’s reliable, high-speed network and its ability to provision this solution quickly extends its level of customer service in southeastern Colorado to an unparalleled level.”

Data security experts recommend having data backup and recovery systems located at least 75 miles away from a business’s physical location.  CLOUDBACKERS provides cloud based data backup and recovery solutions that are based in Denver and other locations in the United States.

About SECOM:  SECOM is the broadband Internet and telecommunications subsidiary of Southeast Colorado Power Association (SECPA), an electric power cooperative formed in 1937. SECOM has been providing competitive and innovative data transport solutions, based on high-speed fiber optic lines and equipment, since 1998. SECOM owns and maintain more than 1,300 miles of fiber throughout Southeastern Colorado, a number that is constantly growing as we expand in both area and penetration.

About CLOUDBACKERS:  CLOUDBACKERS provides innovative cloud based solutions for backup, disaster recovery and file sharing to enterprise and small-to-medium businesses.

*Compass Partners Survey