Enterprise File Share and Sync

Most companies have corporate guidelines that do not allow large files attached to e-mail. How are your employees file share in a safe and secure manner? Some employees are using their “home version”  of File Share and Sync or a consumer grade file sharing solution in the office.

We can help you find an enterprise file share and sync  solution that is easy to use, secure and economical.  We take a number of important requirements into consideration for your company.

File Share and Sync Capability

Secure, Private Cloud File Sync and Share

Enterprise-grade private cloud infrastructure for secure file share and  sync with streamlined  set up of file share and sync services.

Integration with Active Directory / LDAP

Support for Active Directory or LDAP directory services for identity management and user authentication ensuring rapid deployment and maintaining role-based access privileges.

Folder Synchronization

When access to the cloud is not available our ensure user files are automatically synchronized between PC or laptop to keeping files accessible and maintaining version control.

Contact us to find an Enterprise File Share and Sync solution that is right for your business.

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