About Us

Cloudbackers was established in Lone Tree, Colorado to introduce, implement, and support differentiated cloud solutions to businesses large and small. We have found that “The Cloud” is defined in many different ways. We understand that businesses are inundated with cloud buzz from the media and technology companies. We’re not here to define the complexities of the cloud. At Cloudbackers we’ve done the research and selected applications that seamlessly provide solutions that work in any cloud environment; public, private, or hybrid. We help clients in Colorado, as well as the entire United States.

Cloudbackers was established to meet the needs of Enterprise and small-to-medium businesses in navigating the cloud. We bring years of technology experience and expertise to our clients through simple, yet innovative, solutions for conversion to the cloud. Our team works as advocates for our clients, partnering with them to achieve simple, seamless cloud access without using a lot of technical jargon or complex solutions. Moving to the next level of technological efficiency does not have to be intimidating or overwhelming, we meet our business-owners and managers right where they are and build a lasting business relationship while building custom, comprehensive solutions for access to cloud services.

Why Cloudbackers?

Cloudbackers is here to navigate the shift in the way technology is consumed. Rather than managing infrastructure through expensive networks and complex hardware, the new era of business technology allows companies to “rent” state of the art technology, customized to their specific needs, instead, accessing the ease and efficiency of cloud services and applications. Streamlining technology to the cloud eliminates the need for extensive hardware and software and the complexities and compatibility issues that often boggle down Enterprise and businesses.


Many businesses are overspending on technology that is not necessary or not delivering what’s promised. Cloudbackers performance management solutions enables constant analysis to makes sure that technology being paid for is actually performing as stated. The cost savings are significant when only what’s performing optimally is paid for.

Our Partners

Cloudbackers has partnered with all of the major business communication providers in the United States and around the world. We understand their products, their pricing, and are able to balance your need for performance versus your need to keep infrastructure costs low.

We also work with a network of software, phone equipment, and Cloud VARs to help them analyze and propose complete solutions to their clients.


  • Traditional Voice / Business Lines
  • Long Distance (Switched/Dedicated)
  • VoIP / SIP Termination
  • SIP Trunks
  • Dynamic / Integrated T1
  • Voice T1 / PRI Service
  • Unified Communications
  • Wireless Expense Management
  • MPLS Networks
  • Disaster Recovery / Data Backup
  • Internet T1
  • Ethernet Internet Access
  • Metro Ethernet Networks
  • Colocation / Hosting / Cloud
  • Point to Point
  • Wireless Handset Management
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